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Case Study

Evaluation Identifies SIPLACE as the Price-Performance Leader

The needs of Mikromess, a contract manufacturer located in Elville on the Rhine, have increased steadily for several years. The successful medium-sized company has developed and produced electronic equipment for industrial and medical applications since 1998..

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Endress+Hauser Switches to SIPLACE Material Manager

As one of the world’s leading makers of measurement equipment and solutions for industrial process technology, family-owned Swiss company Endress+Hauser manufactures its products in large volumes and with many different versions for customers all over the world...

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AGrundig Business Systems and SIPLACE Implemented Regular Placement of 01005 Components

For over 50 years, Grundig Business Systems has produced professional dictating machines at its Bayreuth location. To cater to a special customer’s requirements, Grundig Business Systems entered new territory with the SIPLACE team’s help...

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SIPLACE and Kaynes Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

Since it was founded in 1988, Kaynes Technology India Pvt. Ltd. has never looked back and is now considered as one of the top five electronics manufacturing service (EMS) companies in India. Starting a business that delves simply in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly,...

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HS Elektronik Systeme switches to SIPLACE

HS Elektronik Systeme, which is part of the American company UTC Aerospace Systems, achieved a breakthrough in the aviation industry with the revolutionary "Chip-on-Board" technology by SIPLACE.

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The SIPLACE X Eliminates Bottlenecks in Production

TCL, one of the world’s largest producers of consumer electronics and part of the TCL Group in Huizhou, has been producing mobile communication devices under the TCL and Alcatel OneTouch brands since 1999...

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